Testaccio is one of the most vital and stylish city center. Inhabited by real Roman, artists and intellectuals. Testaccio keeps its array of authenticity. It is full of traditional restaurants serving Italian in the "Roman" food and shops with Italian products. Protected from the tourist circuit, you can still feel the spirit of the eternal city.

Even in Roman time Testaccio was a focal point in the city. In fact it was the largest port on the Tiber Ripa Grande. Here came all goods (Emporium) from Ostia, and broken jars, that were used to transport, accumulated over the centuries, hence the Latin name of Monte Testaccio (Mons Testaceus) of which Cocci (Testae).

It is interesting to visit Monte Testaccio, or even said Cocci, to admire the ancient terra cotta amphorae and to better understand the spirit of the times. The old stlaughterhouse is situated next to the nourtair, highly attractive from the point of view of architecture and restoration, will host a section of the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art and the prestigious Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio founded by Giovanna Marini. Inside the slaughterhouse, there is also an area called "L’altra economia (Other Business)" - which includes a restaurant, a café, shops and a supermarket of handicrafts and food products originating from organic farms in Latium. This is a place where you can rest and/or spending time away from the chaos of the city. On Saturday and Sunday there is a market for Italian products of excellent quality.

Do not miss the opportunity to walk. Admire the white of the Pyramid and the centuries-old cypress trees , the cemetery - said of the poets - is unique. There are Keats and Shelley, Gramsci and Dario Bellezza.

For romantics the walk to the elegant Aventine Hill is beautiful. Go up and see St. Alexis and the early Christian church of Santa Sabina and admire the view up to St. Peter's through the keyhole at the Villa of the Priory of Malta, then continue to the Garden of the Oranges to be enchanted by the view. In spring are organized special visits to the Rose Garden.
Get off the hill by the side of the Circus Maximus and then arrive at the foot of the Colosseum.
Another beautiful stroll is the one that runs along the river, Supplicio: get off the bridge and head towards the Tiber Island and beyond.

Still towards the river, over the bridge, there is the famous flea market of Portaportese, open only on Sunday morning, and the Trastevere district with the church of Santa Cecilia.

Do not miss a visit to the central Montemartini which is the most recent of the exhibition halls. It houses about 400 Roman statues, exbited in the Capitoline, along with inscriptions and mosaics, in an extraordinary setting of industrial archeology.
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